Jamaican Youths Innovating
at the frontier of Liberty,
Choice and Creativity
Deliberately Engineering A Legacy And Future Of Globally Successful People Beyond Vision 2030
Desktop Edition
© January 2016
By Christopher C. Green
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity Desktop Edition Page: 2
To Gaviani Green and friends: enjoy the magnificence of life
Empowering the creativity of Self-Directed Jamaican Youths beyond the limitations of Government, Religion, Business and Ideologies.
Breaking the shackles of Colonial Systems and practices inherited via slavery exemplified by Bob Marley, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King.
Jamaican Youths Innovating beyond hopelessness, disability, morality and enslaving lifestyles to the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity.
Stemming From A 2014 Invented Possibility?
On October 1, 2013, I submitted my initial research to the Ministry of National Security, on the heels of the initiative (launched December 5, 2013) for
citizens to Unite for Change”, and normalize the society towards anti-crime behavior. On January 8, 2014, the Landmark Worldwide graduate body in
Jamaica (founded by Donna Duncan-Scott and led by Vintoria Bernard) mailed my Possibility Postcard entitled “Landmark Be Extraordinary” and it reads:
“2014: Possibility of Being Creativity. See transformation of Jamaica from Crime to Freedom, Wealth, Productivity, Joy and One Love.”
Creativity is innate; hence this possibility essentially seeks to awaken theagents of creativity”:
Can you observe, adapt and govern your life of success by unlocking the design of your own instincts, socialization and conditioning? Be Awakened!
Can You Invent The Possibility Of Being Of Help”? Sure!
There is no requirement to agree or disagree with this act of sharing Love, Joy and Peace. The information contained may help you or someone else.
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January 20, 2016
Leaders, Citizens, Friends, Visitors and Well Wishers
Local, Regional and International Partners
Of Jamaica Land We Love.
Dear Sir/Madam,
Curing Crime, Making Money via Self-Directed Learning Youths
Instead of flogging and punishing colonial slaves to do muscular” work; the global economy requires people to do creative “intellectual work while
machines do muscular work. Even though research shows that poverty, slavery and colonial rote-based lifestyles biologically destroy the human
intellect, God still demands healthy, sane, trained and wise humans with intellect to successfully embrace Christianity as shown by Moses’ food laws and
the parables of the virgins/talents in the Bible. Hence, this is a call to help Jamaica’s Government, Religious and Business Leaders implement policies to
produce Self-directed Jamaican Youths, biologically capable of using intellectual creativity to innovate, garner wealth and pursue lifelong goals at world
class standards. Neuro-destructive foods and the lack of training environments for creativity are major factors driving crime, cancer and low productivity
among Jamaican youths. Can the cure for Crime, also cure the Colonial Cancer destroying the Intellect in Vision 2030? Yes! Neuro-destructive cultural
foods biologically destroy the intellect in young people’s brain hardware, which limits” the social, productive and creative actions, thoughts and decisions
they are allowed to naturally pursue. In reference to discussions with the Jamaica Defense Force, this is a call to lobby Government to utilize the Scout and
Cadet movements to promote regulations for neuro-friendly foods, discipline, games and creativity among Jamaican youths. This unusual request is an act
of friction against the waves of our inherited colonial culture, but we must act now to secure our children’s success in the global economy and spirituality.
The Intellect is characterized by intention, purpose, virtue and joy in exploring a rainbow of diverse ways to think and logically reason out challenges. To
ignore or neglect the intellect is equivalent to flogging, which explores only two ways (fight or flee) of triggering muscular work, in submission to the
feelings of fear. Developing this intellectual capacity requires specific neuro-friendly foods and lifestyles, which are no longer traditional to Jamaicans.
However, Jamaica’s colonial systems of government, religion and business (GR&B) expect people to perform at global standards without directly
addressing the neuro-psychological learning requirements of their intellect, especially sinceignoring is a popular means of colonial flogging. Flogging
will make a dog run or fight, but it will not make it learn to play games. Without neuro-psychological wellness, the laws of GR&B enforced by the
security forces are unfairly punishing/oppressing people for involuntarily acting contrary to the otherwise unattainable global standards of intellectual
creativity. Criminals and lazy people are not enemies; instead of flogging, they require intervention” to resolve their neuro-psychological challenges.
Leaders of GR&B must ensure that their members, customers and stakeholders embrace neuro-healthy lifestyles to effectively participate in the global
economy; otherwise our society’s facade is worse than the lottery scam. Do leaders expect to benefit from the suppression of people who are neuro
limited to receiving overseas remittances and reeling money from the Lottery or the Scam in order to spend on GR&B services? Instead of regulating
neuro-healthy foods and creativity for the wellbeing of society, outdated colonially cultured leaders of GR&B are still sending people with neural
disabilities to eternal hell for disobedience, while suppressing and taxing them to innovate and produce beyond their physica l capacities. Is this absurd?
Lobbying Stakeholders For Human Progress And Creativity
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity Desktop Edition Page: 4
Much of Jamaica’s inability to maximize human potential and produce to meet global standards, stems from the colonial mentality of flogging, badness
and institutional fear which magnify the survival feelings of fear to fight, often when there is no survival situation. This psychological trauma destroys the
intellect and the benefits of educational achievements. Research shows that this colonial culture of fear and Rote learning has 90% power overruling the
10% power of educational intelligence or critical thinking. To transform to a culture of world leading innovators, I propose Creativity Learning to develop
intellectual agility. Jamaica has not been able to implement a culture of effective governance and a critical mass of innovative role models. People are 90%
culturally constricted to poverty, neuro-destructive lifestyles, low productivity, remittances, lottery, crime, borrowing and selling state assets to finance
consumption and corruption, instead of making innovative contributions to humanity. Jamaicans are being crucified for no real ideological purpose.
Culture eats strategy and intelligence for breakfast says Peter Drucker, famous author. Is it easy to observe the increasing incidents of crimes? Yes, even
though the increasing security forces and churches per square mile are intended to reduce crimes. How many more decades will we go in circles looking in
the wrong places for solutions to crime and low productivity? The 2004 Task Force on Educational Reform Final Report indicates that many students
suffer physical, emotional and cognitive abuse. Their homes, churches and communities lack the training to provide proper protection, nutrition and social
values to effectively develop their cognitive, visual and motor skills. Instead of becoming socially functional, adaptable, spiritually conscious, empathetic
and contributing members of society, our children are being groomed by the culture of vulgarity, 'bad-man-ism', violence, and social irresponsibility.
With twice the population of Jamaica, Singapore and Demark have little police visibility and churches are usually empty, yet criminal murders average 2
to 5 persons per month compared to Jamaica’s 100 persons per month since 1995 according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
For several years, the European Union Economic Partners (EPA) and the National Development Bankers have reported that Jamaican entrepreneurs are
not adequately utilizing the available facilities for export trade and grant funding respectively. Contrary to traditional beliefs, crime and low productivity
are not due to a lack of money or resources from government, religion or business and the resolution goes beyond these colonially cultured ideologies.
Similar to Trinidad, Denmark and Singapore, Jamaica is expected to use its superior human capital, socio-economic wealth and tropical ecosystem to
compete with the big players in the global marketplace. By Vision 2030, in 14 years or less, Jamaica aims to be a first world country of choice to live,
work, raise families and do business. Even after 14 years, are these projections really possible, without addressing the rote of mental slavery, poverty and
neuro-destructive lifestyles enforced by our colonial systems of governance? No. Hence we must cure this Colonial Cancer destroying Vision 2030.
The Deadlock of Jamaica‟s Vision 2030
The who knows who leadership, followership and fellowship style of people in GR&B is similar to that of a cult, where people are forced to become
rote learners using the cravings for food, sex, drugs and money to make decisions, instead of using intellectual creativity. This affects our ability to relate
to global players who are not of our colonial habits. The challenge is habits are developed as pieces of flesh interwoven in the brain and are not easily or
effectively removable by flogging, surgery, drugs or powerful words. It will require biological time, best efforts and smart strategies in applying nutrition,
fitness, team accountability support and stimulating creative practices to disintegrate the Colonial Cancer in each Jamaican and develop Intellectual
Creativity. Yes, it requires all hands on board including the Diaspora, local, regional and international stakeholders; otherwise we will remain in deadlock.
Vision 2030 will be an empty barrel if Jamaica fails to develop a critical mass of innovative thinkers and self-directed learners with the ability to commit
to achieving world leading goals beyond short term horizons. Example-1: Instead of colonial rote-based defensive Laws (muscle focus), Jamaica needs
optimistic Laws promoting Intellectual Creativity (mind focus). Instead of the Legal System earning from crime, refocus its mighty resources to cultivate
intellectual creativity and secure the skills, rights, earnings and intellectual properties of Jamaicans in the global marketplace. Intellectual creativity uses
thought to drive action and reduces crime. Colonial Laws see the glass as half-empty pessimistic; Creativity Laws see the glass as half-full optimistic.
Can a pessimistic and suppressing colonial system of governance instill hope? Can hell be used to make heaven? Can stone make bread? Definitely not!
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity Desktop Edition Page: 5
Example-2: Challenges: A) 95% of entrepreneurs fail in the first 3-5 years; B) People are 90% culturally resistant to change; C) People achieve 5%
learning by words or monologues and 90% by participating in problem resolution. Resolve: A) Are leaders willing to fund and support the failure of 95%
of Jamaican youths as part of the natural “phase of development? B) Are leaders willing to promote the 10% power of logical reasoning and emotional
intelligence to psychologically adapt to change? C) Are leaders willing to promote coaching since the traditions of teaching, preaching and reading result
in 5% learning? Did Jesus prioritize healing and wellness before/parallel to salvation? Yes, intellectual creativity through biological wellness is 90% hope!
Example-3: Asking oppressed people to spend money will not develop their intellect to boost the economy. Like Denmark, governance should promote
the free supply of nutrition, fitness and programs stimulating creativity to biologically develop the intellect (via neuroplasticity) for effective participation
in the local/global economy. Instead of abolishing slavery, colonial leaders gave and used the Bible as a soother substitute, to stop slaves from using their
God given senses to revolt against the genocidal acts of slavery. Likewise, are the church, business, police and politics being used as substitutes to soothe,
bandage, flog and imprison people when their God given bodies naturally revolt into trauma and socio-economic destruction, while colonially cultured
leaders make money by prolonging the perils of poverty, disease, crime, anti-societal behaviors and destructive lifestyles which are 90% due to the lack of
nutrition, fitness and creativity training? Who pays reparation when the blind are leading the blind as victims and villains of colonial genocide? If leaders
are victims of colonial rote learning and lack intellect, then this explains why we are using modern colonial tools to prolong genocide murdering 1200
citizens per year for over 20 years. Are leaders given basket to carry water” by unintentionally using the wrong tools to mistakenly produce genocide?
Jamaican youths, many of whom are psychologically oppressed and fall below the poverty line, will be the ones operationally leading the country in 2030.
Hence these youths are expected to carry the weight of the burden to literally leapfrog from poverty to first world status. In 14 years or less, 80% of these
youths must become technologically savvy, globally connected and earning at least US$50,000 per annum with adjustments for inflation and devaluation.
By the people’s test for human capacity, security and dignity, these youths should be able to innovate and resolve problems across the global market,
thus using intellectual creativity to empower human capacity, secure life on the planet and acquire socio-economic wealth globally. Example-4: Refocus
the medical fraternity to promote research, disease prevention, neural/psychological wellness and earnings from the exports of patents and drugs.
The US Deadlock and Resolve: After losing its leading triple-A (AAA) ratings across the globe, the USA has been retooling its people to redefine the
scope of what will be classified as a first world country in 14 years or less. The US Congress has implemented a 21st Century Education system in schools
as early as kindergarten to produce self-directed learners with emphasis on health, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. In other
words, the US is training its people to learn how to learn”. Similar to Bill Gates of Microsoft, even if students fail/drop out of school (like 80% of
Jamaican youths) they must be able use their self-directed research skills to innovate, garner wealth and pursue lifelong goals at world leading standards.
The fate of Vision 2030 is not merely a matter of executives doing forensic audits and expert planning. No one knows tomorrow’s challenges, so it is best
to equip Jamaicans with the skills of knowing the best ways to learn, and how to feasibly use the learning process to adapt and resolve challenges”. That
is, exploiting the lifecycle phases of learner-centered learning to perform jobs and embrace technologies not yet in existence; collaborate across diverse
cultures; and resolve climate challenges not yet discovered. The flexibility in how people creatively think and readily adapt their lives to resolve daily
challenges in the global marketplace is critical to being a first world country of choice.
Yours Sincerely,
Chris Green, CEO
Krys Financials A/S
Copenhagen, Denmark
Chris Green
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity Desktop Edition Page: 6
I often tell the story of how my late dad, Alphaeus (Faadah) Green, creatively bought old cars in order to cut them up, and then joined the best parts
together to make one good car. He used these cars like taxis, but would label them “Take 5to avoid breaking the regulation of illegally running a taxi.
This is similar to how investment companies avoid using the word Deposit” in order to avoid breaking the regulation of illegally runni ng a commercial
bank. With a basic secondary education, Faadah Green, father of seven children, was a jack of all trades and master of none. So whenever he did
something his creativity lacked the finishing touches of a professional. My mom, Gloria Green, was his housewife taking care of the children.
The funny part is the cars broke down all at once, in need of repairs and money which was not available. Dad subsequently had a serious break down
since all his hard work was destroyed. Reflecting on his Christianity, he was confused as to what sins he had committed for working smart and hard to
feed his families of workers, friends, wife and children. After a few weeks, I saw him sprinkling oils and burning substance around the house, which I
later learnt, was obeah. The problems got worse, as the church and obeah did not provide a resolution, causing my parents to get separated leaving
seven young children to fight an unknown future with no tools except mere instincts. We struggled, fought and failed as our families and friends were
being shot down by gang violence and the police. After pursing business courses at Calabar High School, I realized that my father looked in the wrong
places for solutions. All the cars were manufactured about the same time and they were now fully depreciated due to wear and tear over the years. If
Faadah Green and my mom had simply put money aside every month to repair or replace the cars, then our family would have escaped the atrocities.
For my parents then, it was a question of education. Today many Jamaican youths are being educated, especially via the internet/e-learning, but have
difficulties putting “abstract” knowledge into real action, and hence fail at employment. Some of my friends often have similar struggles with overriding
their feelings to put abstract plans into action. One major puzzle I have had as a child was why the family called me the book-man, yet I cannot see any
difference between my family and myself. Except, like Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Usain Bolt, as a child I often ate everybody’s vegetables” at
the dinner table. Among the family, I am seen as visionary and cold at times for being able to manage my feelings and implement abstract plans and
goals, even when seemingly unpopular. Instead of a mere talent, research shows that vegetables give people a “livablemeans of using abstract things
like education and fundamental design principles in their actions. Additionally, I grew as a business technology consultant under the guidance of the late
Maurice Facey, OJ, JP and his family. Hence a lot of my training and development resulted from working with people across the Pan Jamaican Group of
companies, who co-sponsored my education in mathematics, computer science and business at the University of the West Indies. Finally, my work and
training in Singapore and Denmark among other countries taught me how Jamaica can similarly become a first world country of choice.
The Green family has been working with Jamaican youths and people for over 50 years championed by my dad. Collectively we have trained, contracted
and worked with thousands of grassroots people and hundreds of professionals in government, religion and business across Jamaica. From humble
beginnings like many Jamaican families we have tried our hands at many innovative things to survive. Up to now we have not se en Jamaica achieve the
goals proposed by Vision 2030. Hence the relentless fight continues for nation building, as we collaborate with all stakeholders and supporters united
with the vision of human progress and creativity. The people, whether in poverty, suffering and hurting or not are our friends, neighbors, partners and
families. We all share the oneness of spirituality and love which is bigger than the relative rights and wrongs we do to each other.
Contrary to beliefs, we have learnt the hard way that the answers to peoples daily challenges are beyond the combined efforts of government, religion
and business. Somewhere, somehow, we must move prudently against the friction of cultures and collaborate with people across the globe. We must all
share ideas and innovations with the oneness of persistently transforming the ecosystems of our invented world to support the evolving nature all life.
Chris Green
September 1, 2015
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity Desktop Edition Page: 7
Welcome to the New Day Jamaica! Today we participate in the oneness of a global vision for humanity, and innovate to meet the consequential
challenges of our global society. Creation was made as a tool or playground for humans; and eternity is simply a tool to embrace timeless reality outside
the box of time. Hence, the human capacity surpasses the limits of mortality, time and eternity. These are the experiences and realizations of humans
liberated to think outside the box of creation. Welcome to the New Jamaica, playing by the rules of creativity and unbounded by the tools of Reality.
Jamaica fails through utilizing fear/rote based colonial systems to resolve crime and low productivity with 20% success. This research promotes the use
of optimistic non-colonial models to transform Jamaica from crime to liberty, choice and creativity with 80% success as seen in Denmark and Singapore.
With 24,000 murders perpetuating over 20 years (averaging 1 murder every 8 hours) one could easily believe that there is a long-run civil war in Jamaica,
which is not the case. Who will die next? People have been dying in epic proportions for no apparent ideological purpose or logical reason. Not even
the honey in heaven, the fear of hell, or the fire power of the police has been able to stem the persistent onslaught of murders in Jamaica. Is this
another case of looking for solutions to crime and low productivity in the wrong places, especially since there are countries using “intellectual creativity”
to ultimately resolve these issues? Instead of miraculous words or beliefs, this involves a process where real world challenges inspire people to research,
share and innovate solutions; then in return people learn (via neuro-plasticity) to collaborate and virtuously (joyfully) empower their own lives.
However, it is assumed that people are neuro-healthy without physical and psychological disabilities that would otherwise hinder normal development.
Colonial slaves (uneducated) were forced/tricked to live alienated to God’s design of reality and delusionally resolve real world challenges (e.g. genocidal
maltreatment) via misunderstood biblical words and myths, triggering a “culture of epistemic and neuro-psychological defects. Jamaica’s colonial
culture or governance via rote learning and neuro-destructive lifestyles, abusively overuse people’s rear brain and damage their front brain resulting in
lack of intellectual creativity, self management and spirituality. This is evidenced by increased crime, anti-societal behaviors and low productivity. Rote
people navigate via feelings, mythical words, arbitrary beliefs and survivalist behaviors which are used to resolve daily challenges. Major vulnerabilities
of the rote lifestyle includes: (1) The high caloric density and low fiber intake from eating for the sweetness of your feelings, instead of eating for
nutrition. The overdose of calories leads to neuro-destructive illnesses including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, hormonal imbalance and
cancer. (2) Navigating by mere feelings with little or no logical reasoning is mental slavery. Also, feelings are mechanized to flip flop and produce anti-
societal behaviors. Finally, feelings are often hijacked and manipulated by the chemicals in foods and invading parasites to result in unreliable decisions.
Jamaica’s social decay stems from the gross neglect to periodically assess and address its people’s physical, survival and psychological deficiencies, e.g.
through the use of team accountability support systems. Colonial systems of GR&B exploit muscular labor and neglect neuro-psychological wellness as a
requirement for societal participation. To effectively participate in the global market, achieve goals, maintain relationships and learn from the feedback
of past actions require using the front brain to evaluate challenges and rationalize responses. Instead of collapsing, a healthy brain uses challenges as a
catalyst to auto-evolve to greatness by learning the signs, puzzles, hints, cues and resolutions of challenges; otherwise check, register and fix disabilities.
To embrace the New Day of limitless creativity and exceeding joy requires neuro-friendly lifestyle changes and systems of governance which may be
easier said than done. The body uses feelings and habits to enforce 90% resistance to changes, and goes through a detachment cycle of denial, anger,
fear, grief, remorse and finally peace. Hence emotional intelligence and perpetual accountability support are essential as the brain biologically changes
its neural network (cells/flesh) to retire old habits and form new ones. Nevertheless, this process of Creativity Learning (via neuro-plasticity) is concrete.
Creativity Learning uses an approach of timely research and innovation to ensure that newly formed habits are life-designed and holistic to effectively
empower the lives of individuals and the society. Finally, people will auto-evolve to greatness in any area of life they so choose to participate including
government, religion and business (GR&B). Mastering the art of living requires an intellectual vision, where there is little distinction between work, play,
leisure, mind, body, recreation, education, religion or love. The more we live celebrating in love, the more we find in love to celebrate Oprah Winfrey.
Executive Summary Welcome To The New Jamaica
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity Desktop Edition Page: 8
There is no absolute handbook of methods to effectively calibrate the wellbeing of our evolving reality. Humans depend on best practice guidelines and
workable design models to help make decisions which enroll the consequences of a successful life. This research proposes a complex but uncomplicated
solutions model which may be calibrated to produce desired results and consequences. Similar to the buzz of morning traffic, complexity promotes a
low tolerance for errors and breakdowns. However, this challenge serves as a catalyst to seek and forge meaningful team accountability support, which
is also a critical success factor for learning, adapting and resolving. There is no room for the delusion of individualism; we achieve ourselves by sharing
ourselves with others through the principle of loving our neighbors (i.e. spirituality). The critical components or factors are as follows:
1. The human hardware of Instinctual Survival and the Environment
2. The human software of Cognitive Reasoning and Spiritual Development
3. The human society of Team Accountability Support to set and achieve goals through human well-beingness and greatness
The Game of Life is complex but not complicated, hence relatively simple depending on your ability to think outside the box of creation. Contrary to the
reductionist approach of always reducing challenges to a single cause, the idea of a game provides a holistic approach which goes beyond reductionism
to model diversity and dynamism. That is, modeling the evolving roles and contributions of multiple interwoven systems. The following is a high level
view of the interwoven systems participating in the Game of Life:
A. Preparing game players to be flexible and adaptable to the challenges of persistent changes in reality and goals
1. Spirit/Being-ness: existence outside the box of creation while playing games within the box of creation through the view of consciousness
2. Instinctual survival (90% control): detox, nutrition and wellness aims at securing the appropriate/best hardware via the environment
3. Cognitive reasoning and spirituality (10% control): neuro-psychological analysis and development; the stage for creativity training
4. Yes feelings can change your thoughts/actions and your cognitive reasoning/thoughts can change the feelings/actions. Hence which is first?
5. Calibration-1: Poor Health Promote Feelings Duality/Morality: Instincts have 98% power, Cognitive thoughts have 2% power
6. Calibration-2: Holistic Wellness Demote Feelings Diversity/Creativity: Instincts have 90% power, Cognitive thoughts have 10% power
B. Playing the Society Game via functional projects and often strategizing to use linear/simple tools to make complex moves
1. Team accountability support systemically helps players to adapt and innovate to meet changes in reality and societal goals.
2. Yes reality can shape or change your goals and your goals can shape or change reality. Hence which is first?
3. Calibration-3: Poor Team Health/Relations Survival of the fittest: Reality has 80% power, Survivors Individualistic Goals have 20% power
4. Calibration-4: Holistic Team Wellness/Collaboration Creativity Learning: Reality has 20% power, Life-designed Team Goals have 80% power
C. Note that A and B are not necessarily linear but may be interplaying randomly. A and B are interwoven playing the game of: (1) the chicken or the
egg, which is first? Or (2) where are you leading (or following) from: behind or in front?
1. Calibration-5: The Ecosystem of Reality evolved our superior cognitive hardware: Cavemen used hunter-gatherer model (survival of the fittest)
2. Calibration-6: The Society evolved the use our superior cognitive as software: From Farmers to Machines to Technology to Intellectual Creativity
3. Calibration-7: If you were God, would you allow changesto be easily made by one person’s crazy misconstrued fantasies? No, hence change is
90% resistant and facilitated through the consensus of people loving their neighbors and seeking to understand the world’s design principles.
This is a call for accountability support partners promoting Self-Directed Jamaican Youths innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity.
Solutions Model: Self-Directed Jamaican Youths Piloting Vision 2030
Page: 9
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition
Lobbying Stakeholders For Human Progress And Creativity 3
Curing Crime, Making Money via Self-Directed Learning Youths........................ 3
About The Author The Resolve For Human Creativity ..................................... 6
Executive Summary Welcome To The New Jamaica ........................................ 7
Solutions Model: Self-Directed Jamaican Youths Piloting Vision 2030 ................ 8
Acknowledgements People Sincerely Empowering People ............................ 11
Creativity Learning Agile Brain Hardware Is Not Lottery Or Scam................... 12
Factors Leading To The Root Problem Of Brain Damage 13
90% Learning Occurs When People Are Truly Working Together ..................... 14
Why Not Enable 80% Children and Youths To Enjoy Vision 2030?.................... 15
Does Food Provide The Brain Hardware For Crime & Creativity? ..................... 16
Moralitys Confusion About Poor Eating, Weight and Sickness ........................ 17
Sweet Feelings Are Unreliable When Hijacked By Foods & Parasites................ 18
Root Of The Mistaken Brain And The Cost To Society 19
The ROOT Problem: Moralitys Mistake About Crime & Creativity ................... 20
Slavery, Culture Or Lifestyle Can Damage Your Brain’s Front Lobes ................. 21
Youth Maltreatment In Over 20 Years Of Psychological Oppression................ 22
Jamaicans & Jews Suffer Front Brain Damages by Poverty & Slavery ............... 23
Neuro-Psychological Disability And Mainstream Exclusion 24
Social Tragedy Says WHO, World Bank, UNICEF, MOE, UWI ............................ 25
The Colonial Cancer Has Been Secretly Disabling Jamaicans ............................ 26
The Paradigm Shift For Disability Inclusion A Neurological Approach ............. 27
REFERENCES Vision2030, MOE, WHO, Neuro-Psychiatry ............................... 29
The opening letter lobbying stakeholders for human Creativity
The authors motivation for pursuing this research for over 5 years
Scoping the transition from Colonial Rote Learning to Creativity Learning
The early pages depict the ROOT PROBLEM of Colonial Lifestyles:
a) damaging the front brain lobes of logical and agile Reasoning
b) abusing the rear brain lobes of risky flip-flop Feelings, as follows:
1. Institutions/homes not using team work to create individual learning
2. Government, religion and business enforce colonial Rote Learning
which emphasizes thinking by feelings, and demote agile reasoning
3. Society eating for the sweetness of feelings; ignorant of the dangers
in foods, or the societal tragedy of poor nutrition and brain damage
4. People making foolish decisions by flip-flop feelings, which may also
be hijacked and manipulated by chemicals in foods and parasites
The latter pages depict the RESOLUTION which promotes a Lifestyle for
Creativity Learning, as follows:
1. Create your agile brain hardware by eating more nutrients from
vegetable sources via the neuro-healthy Food Pyramid
2. Then use your 10% power of agile reasoning to train your 90% power
of instincts and feelings into habitually practicing Creativity Learning
3. Institutions/homes using team work to promote Creativity Learning
4. Avoid the sympathetic crab mentality, which discriminates or ignores
people not socializing via the bad feelings of misfortune/fearful news
5. Use brain agility to manage and override the flip-flop mechanisms of
feelings in order to make informed decisions emotional intelligence
The concluding pages depict a roadmap to WIRE CREATIVITY into
concrete flesh (via neuro-plasticity). This results in endless success”,
as exemplified by Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and the
winning holistic technologies adopted by Jamaican coaches and athletes.
Page: 10
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition
Path To Neural, Psychological And Spiritual Wellness 30
Neuro-Healthy Food Is Critical To Peoples Socio Wellbeing ............................ 31
Start By Building Your Brains HardwareUse A Food Calendar....................... 32
You The Spirit Interacting With The Flip-Flop Mechanisms Of Feelings ............ 33
Bad Feelings Driving The Jamaican Crabs In A Barrel’ Mentality...................... 34
The Ill-Logics Of Morality The Retro-Language Of Flip-Flop Feelings............... 35
The Flip-Flop Consequences Of Feelings Go Rainbows Of Creativity............... 36
Securing Endless Success Via Creativity Learning 37
The Creativity Process Running The Olympics With/Without Legs ................. 38
Creativity Learning AConcrete Goal Achievement Strategy........................ 39
Bloom’s Taxonomy Shapes The Creativity Jobs Of Vision 2030 ........................ 40
Creativity Learning Promotes Neuro Metamorphic Reasoning ........................ 41
Applying Creativity Learning via The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model .............. 42
Global Brain Projects Reshaping Government, Religion and Business .............. 43
To “HaveLove Is To Consume To “Be Love Is Creativity............................. 44
A Human Lifecycle Staging To Engineer Creativity .......................................... 45
Advocacy, Awareness, Funding And Implementation 46
Press Release Promoting Liberty, Choice & Creativity ................................... 47
Action Plan For Stakeholders & Supporters Of Creativity Learning................... 50
APPENDIX Showcasing Tools To Bolster Creativity Learning ............................ 57
APPENDIX 1: Human Beings Playing The Game Of Virtual Reality .................... 58
APPENDIX 2: Purpose Uses A Central Vision To Execute Goals......................... 59
APPENDIX 3: Purpose Triangulates Workability Via Accountability Roles ......... 60
APPENDIX 4: Purpose Reigns Via The Integrity Check Quadrant ...................... 61
APPENDIX 5: Purpose Driven Projects Of Problem Based Learning................... 62
APPENDIX 6: The 14 Learner-Centered Psychological Principles ...................... 63
APPENDIX 7: Are Words And Reasons Chasing To Know Reality? ..................... 64
Thank You For Supporting Human Progress And Creativity ............................. 66
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition Page: 11
Acknowledgements People Sincerely Empowering People
This is Jamaica’s research; I am merely the vessel who collated the data. I wish to acknowledge those who have contributed to this research:
My family and friends for their support and challenging questions which strengthened the foundation of this research. Customers, members of staff
and stakeholders of Krys Financials for their resilience in making a stance for the transformation of Jamaica
The Jamaica Defence Force, Jamaica Constabulary Force and Office of the Prime Minister for taking the time to engage discussions about Unite For
Change and providing directions for empowering Jamaican youths with social and regulatory training
The Landmark Worldwide graduate body in Jamaica, for sharing real life challenges and possibilities, especially Coral Crew-Noble for her dedicated
hands-on approach to empowering Jamaicans; also Vintoria Bernard and Andria Gordon for engaging the debate to empower over 2000 graduates
in the fight against crime; and last but not least Donna Duncan-Scott and colleagues for making Landmark educational forum possible in Jamaica
Elizabeth Terry of Limitless Transformation Coaching and Training Services Ltd. and colleagues for their considerable support and mastery in
applying the Neuro-Linguistic Programming technology to release psychological challenges and unleash the magnificent potential of Jamaicans
Members of the Diaspora for their watchful eyes, listening ears and support concerning the challenges and progress of Jamaica, especially my mom
Sonia Fearon and Meva Gadishaw, who invested considerable time and effort to edit, debate and verify the composition of this research
The Government of Jamaica for providing hard data about the state of the Jamaican crisis and what is being done to relieve the challenges,
especially the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, Vision 2030 Team and Ministry of Education for The Education System Transformation Programme
The Special Needs and crisis support groups of Jamaica for providing their findings and perspectives on issues challenging Jamaicans
Churches, private and non-governmental organizations, regional and international agencies among other stakeholders for sharing their social
initiatives, strategies and results which serves to provide guidance
The World Wide Web and Google among other search engines for allowing us to move prudently against the friction of cultures and collaborate with
people across the globe to research, model and resolve real world challenges for the wellbeing of humanity.
This research is aimed at lobbying stakeholders to revolutionize programmes for nutritional support, education transformation, spirituality and decisions
being pursued to empower Self-Directed Jamaican Youths innovating at the frontier of liberty, choice and creativity through the goals of Vision 2030.
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition Page: 12
Creativity Learning Agile Brain Hardware Is Not Lottery Or Scam
With billions in world population growth, can governments, religions and businesses readily resolve the socio-economic challenges? No. Hence ordinary
people must collaborate, say via the Internet and resolve their challenges of maintaining basic survival. This research showcases the need for “creativity
learning” to continuously resolve the daily challenges arising in our Jamaican society. People are designed with the capacity to “learn” and to “learn how
to learn” also called self-directed learning”. However by the colonial culture, Jamaicans are governed and socialized by rote and associative learning,
but not learning how to learn, which is required to resolve today’s real world challenges. Due to a lack of understanding fundamental design principles
and logics (see Ministry Of Education), Jamaican rote learners have serious problems when required to reconfigure new logical routes to meet changing
variables and challenging situations, hence many resort to remittance, lottery, scams or anti-societal behaviors. This lack of reasoning, limits Jamaicans
to culturally navigate by the sweetness of their feelings for food, sex, drugs and money. People are limited to using their feelings of likes and dislikes
(instead of logic) to make government, religious and business decisions. However feelings often flip flop to trigger unreliable and anti-societal behaviors,
especially when hijacked and manipulated by the chemicals in foods and parasites invading and residing in the gut.
By the brains “use it or lose it” principle, the neuro-destructive lifestyle practices of rote learners overuse the rear brain, and damage the front brain
used for critical thinking, self management and spirituality being faked by many Jamaicans fueling the increase in crimes and low productivity. However,
the move to self-directed learning requires a working front brain, which may now be physically damaged and needs repair, neural detox, wellness and
training if still possible. As discussed later, this is similar to the Israelites who were still not transformed after 40 years and died in the desert wi thout
entering the Promised Land. Yes, people with robust muscles and physique may have damaged front brains often resulting in uncontrollable poor social
skills and low productivity, which they cannot explain due to the inability to think critically. Can people having immature, psychologically defective or
physically impaired front brains effectively participate in government, religion and business? No! Hence we must prioritize the physical, survival and
psychological aspects of the brain to effectively perform in dispensing justice, education, opportunities and wealth for the wellbeing of our society.
We need to transform our traditional classroom, to one where people are organized in project-based, problem solving teams, and learning can be
achieved while solving real world challenges. This is similar to using real world challenges to perform on the job team training, instead of theoretically
teaching in a classroom. Hence, some reality-based learning can become harmful and destructive. So humans use the concept of modeling to accurately
simulate and estimate the resolution to real world challenges. One major problem is that real world challenges are constantly evolving, but humans are
biologically equipped with linear sensory tools to resolve evolving challenges (e.g. using straight eyesight to look around a corner). Creativity learning
utilizes research skills to explore new knowledge, and by incrementally adding to the existing body of knowledge, eventually unearths the design-based
principles and logics essential to resolving challenges. This is similar to connecting a set of straight lines by incrementally marching in short steps, in
order to capture the evolutionary changes when moving around a corner. Hence, Creativity Learning integrates several proven concrete measures to
reduce potential errors when resolving challenges. Also, any error is treated as a new challenge to be successively resolved as the marching continues.
Creativity Learning: while people research, innovate and resolve real world challenges, people learn to collaborate and virtuously empower their lives.
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition Page: 13
This section concerns:
Factors Leading To The Root Problem Of Brain Damage
The following chapters are included:
90% Learning Occurs When People Are Truly Working Together
Why Not Enable 80% Children and Youths To Enjoy Vision 2030?
Does Food Provide The Brain Hardware For Crime & Creativity?
Moralitys Confusion About Poor Eating, Weight and Sickness
Sweet Feelings Are Unreliable When Hijacked By Foods & Parasites
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition Page: 14
90% Learning Occurs When People Are Truly Working Together
Average Learning and
Retention Rate (%)
(Learning/Retention after
approximately two weeks)
Jamaicas Traditions of Miraculous WORDS are Mistaken:
The human brain does not effectively learn or retain by words, especially
without a team actively resolving a problem. The traditions of teaching,
preaching and reading by words are being replaced by coaching. Learning
by words or verbal language is merely one of several learning styles.
Like rote swatting”, these are Passive Learning Methods monologues.
Learning People Must Actively Work Together:
People’s brain biological network effectively learns and
retains when project-based problem solving teams
experientially work together to resolve challenges. Teams
use a combination of learning styles to evolve and resolve.
People are autonomous and interdependent (not independent)
The Learning Pyramid
Refer to the National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine USA:
www.ntl.org www.thebetheljournals.info/NTL/NTL_2.htm http://siteresources.worldbank.org/DEVMARKETPLACE/Resources/Handout_TheLearningPyramid.pdf
Action speaks louder than words, and words can mean different things to different individuals. Words cannot adequately communicate a person’s intention.
Society has chosen words as a standard means of regulating justice, health, wealth, spirituality, and so on; but what provisi ons has been made for myriads of
Jamaicans biologically incapable of understanding the essence of words? Will they remain disenfranchised and go to hell for acting contrary to societal norms?
Institutions, homes and relationships must use team work to
create learning for individuals. We achieve ourselves by sharing
ourselves with others Barack Obama, 2013.
This is an act of Sharing Love, Joy and Peace. There is no requirement to agree or disagree with the findings of this research. Maybe there is information to
help improve your life or the life of someone else. You may read and discuss it with friends several times to let repetitionenforce your persuasion and
confidence. Get a chance to fully analyze and validate the contents from several viewpoints. Remember that merely “reading” this research will NOT make
you do anything, or make a change in your life, or make your life better. Like the experience of balancing, you must applyPurposeand take Action to BE the
Change you want to See. The Game of Life is simple and full of Joy!
Have Relationship Problems?
Get your brains to effectively
work and learn together.
Resolve via Creativity Learning:
“neurons that fire together wire together”.
If teaching others is 90% learning,
then each individual must practice the
Learner-Centered Psychological Principles
of teaching and learning.
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition Page: 15
Why Not Enable 80% Children and Youths To Enjoy Vision 2030?
Crime, violence and fear are behavioral motor skills issues, driven by the brain’s instincts and feelings”, controlling 90% of human actions. The challenge is
that instincts and feelings work through pleasure stimulating habits without regard for whether they are socially logical. The other 10% of actions is controlled
by the brain’s consciousness and cognitive faculties facilitating logical reasoning, self management and creativity used to train the habits how to live in a
society via empathy, integrity and mutual consent. For simplification, the word feelings is often used as a substitute for the word instincts in this research.
The physical hardware of the brain is made up of flesh which can be damaged by accidents or by common chemicals found in food. The predominance of
“fear” and morality in our society indicate that our culture of eating foods and lifestyle activities abusively overuse feelings of the rear brain, while neglecting
and suffering physical damages to the cognitive front brain through its “use it or lose it” principle. This results in increased crime and a lack of creativity.
The fate of Vision 2030 is not merely a matter of forensics and expert planning, but how people adapt their lives to meet glo bal challenges.
Instead of learning creativity, Jamaican youths to become leaders by 2030, are colonially cultured to use feelings of “fear to resolve daily challenges.
These youths have been in social decay and delusion for mistakenly using the mechanism of feelings to execute the intellectual goals of Vision 2030.
FEAR may be viewed as
evil forces in religious theology
and bad reasoning in philosophy.
Biologically Fear reacts by escaping
or destroying perceived predators
when there is no mitigating plan,
model or strategy to rationally,
creatively and virtuously respond to
social challenges.
A biological perspective is concrete.
People Self-destructing in the Game of FEAR
for the Grand Prize called:
CREATIVITY enables 80% successful people.
Colonial Governance by FEAR or
Governance via Morality produces
20% successful survivors of the fittest.
FEAR Does Not Care!
It Does NOT Matter:
What is done,
How it is done,
Where it is done,
To what Degree,
The Size of the act,
To Whom it is done,
Or Who does it.
FEAR destroys to defend Survival,
though often via false judgment,
and even when there is
NO Real Threat to Survival.
Survival of
the Fittest
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition Page: 16
Does Food Provide The Brain Hardware For Crime & Creativity?
Our “culture of overeating sweet foods” is one of the most common and critical factors driving (neuro) violent behaviors across Jamaica.
Rote-based people are limited to overeating sweet foods rooted by a culture. This excludes the “tastelessness of abstract goals like eating for nutrition.
Jamaica’s rote-based culture of eating mainly sweet foods like sugar, oil/fat and salt has gotten out of control with frontal brain damaging side-effects.
At the heart of this colonially driven rote learning and cultural epidemic, is the Caloric Density measuring the mass of calories (energy) in foods.
People will naturally eat to full their bellies since the sensors in the stomach signal the brain to stop eating when it is full. Oils/Fats are 40 times
more caloric than Veggies. Sugars are 15 times more caloric than Veggies. So, a little sugar or oil dressing can disrupt the low caloric intake
from your veggies and fruits. The stomach sensors do not check the mixture of foods or their caloric densities, so you must check your foods
before you eat. Food has chemical side-effects on the flesh (cells) of the brain similar to its effects on the flesh of other parts of the body.
How Sugar Damages Your Brain’s Structure and Function: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/07/24/sugar-brain-function.aspx
High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Diabetes Shrink Your Brain: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201305/lifestyle-choices-can-cause-your-brain-shrink
A Neuroscience Perspective to Caloric Food Intake and Metabolism: Fundamental Neuroscience by Larry R. Squire (2013) https://books.google.com/books?isbn=0123858704
Caloric Density and Nutrition: Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LD, LN: http://www.jeffnovick.com/RD/Articles/Entries/2012/5/20_A_Common_Sense_Approach_To_Sound_Nutrition.html
Eat more High Fiber, Whole Natural, Plant-based Foods for best Caloric Intake: Julieanna Hever, M.S., R.D., C.P.T.: www.plantbaseddietitian.com/laststickypounds/
400 Calories of Oils/Fats/Sweets/Salts
Full stomach = 400 x 40 = 16000 calories
(40 times overdose of calories per meal)
400 Calories of Beef/Meats
Full stomach = 400 x 10 = 4000 calories
(5 times overdose of calories per meal)
400 Calories of Veggies/Fruits
Full stomach = 400 calories
(1/2 of calories per meal)
Recommended daily calories = 2000, and per meal = 700 calories based on 3 meals per day
The Caloric Density Scale
(by Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LD, LN)
Foods (calories per pound)
Caloric #
Unprocessed Carbohydrates
(Potato, Yam, Corn, Brown Rice)
Legumes (Beans, Peas, Lentils)
Animal Products
Bread, Bagels, Dried Fruits
Processed Carbohydrates
Sugar, Molasses, Honey, Syrup
Cereals, Baked Chips, Pretzels
Junk Foods
Nuts, Seeds
Oils, Fats
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition Page: 17
Morality‟s Confusion About Poor Eating, Weight and Sickness
Stomach /Gut
1. Sensors tell when full
2. Food weight matches
stomach elasticity
Whole Natural and
Plant-based Authentic Foods
1. Natural Nutrients
2. Mixed Fibers
3. Rainbow Diet:
“creativity embraces diversity”
Processed and
Refined Power Foods
1. Modified Nutrients
2. Little or No Fiber
3. Sugar, Oil/Fat, Salt Diet
4. Artificial Preservatives & Flavors
Excretion of Bodily Waste - Positive
1. Fiber removes toxins from body
2. Full load relative to normal intake
3. Colon, liver, kidney, brain, etc.
function effectively
Excretion of Bodily Waste - Negative
1. Little Fiber removes little toxins
2. Toxins build up disease in colon
3. Some toxins cannot excrete naturally
4. Mini load relative to large intake
5. Mental and physical detox recommended
Health Factors - Positive
1. Low Caloric Density
2. 600 - 700 calories per meal
3. Fiber absorbs toxins
4. Sufficient fuel/energy efficiency
5. Brain enriches via proper fuel
6. Body achieves wellness
Health Factors - Negative
1. High Caloric Density
2. 1300 - 1800 calories per meal
3. Energy overdose increases Fat/Weight
4. Digestion overworks organs
5. Hormone/insulin/Feelings hijacked
6. Brain damage via improper fuel
7. Acidic body grows candida and cancer
Morality’s Confusion is
driven by Sweet Feelings
Eating improperly results in:
1. Greediness sin (morally bad)
2. Excess Fat prosperity (morally good)
3. Inevitable punishments await
4. Sickness caused by moral sin
5. Improper eating may be morally
wrong but it feels good/right
6. Fasting/Detoxing may be morally
right but it feels bad/wrong
(Refer to the Pleasure Trap by
Dr. Douglas Lisle discussed later)
Creativity requires Holistic Brain and Body Foods to be Life-designed
Rote overuses Sweet Feelings and Muscular Foods (brain destructive)
Do people gain weight and get sick because they are greedy? No . Is it a matter of calorie overdose and too little fiber intake? Highly!
Why Do We Eat Improperly? Refer to a Neurobiological Perspective by Dr. Stephan Guyenet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp2p4TdLn_8
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition Page: 18
Sweet Feelings Are Unreliable When Hijacked By Foods & Parasites
The material of the brain is
made of cells, meat or flesh. So
the quality of thoughts, feelings
and signals are affected by the
level of toxic chemical stimulants
in food, sex, drugs and parasites
in a persons body and environs.
High Feelings
Normal Feelings
Low Feelings
Five phases of the Pleasure Trap
Tape worms, yeast and candida bite
and inject chemical stimulants in
your gut, cells and brain to make
you itch, crave, think and eat what
they need to keep surviving in you.
Jamaica is a “feelingscountry; people like to carry feelings over big things, little things, tiny things and often nothing at all. Have you ever disliked someone you met for
the very first time or know absolutely nothing about, simply because you feel bad about the person? Is something always correct because it feels good? Definitely Not!
You may be a logical, bright, conscientious and alert person knowing the right thing to do, but realize you are not able to do it when your feelings are hijacked.
The Pleasure Trap shows that food plays a critical role in hijacking and manipulating your feelings towards abnormal anti-societal behaviors which can result in death.
Refer to The Pleasure Trap by Douglas J. Lisle, Ph.D and Alan Goldhamer, D.C.: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX2btaDOBK8 and www.healthpromoting.com/the-pleasure-trap
Your health is being restored by WNF. But,
your Feelings are low. So at this point you
do something right but it feels wrong
The Feelings
of Pleasure
Your Feelings are hijacked by high
pleasure Junk foods. Your body then
becomes unhealthy. At this point you
do something wrong that feels right
Junk and processed foods:
- have more energy per bite (overdose)
- requires more bites to fill stomach
- lack fiber hence difficult to excrete
- promote overweight and ill-health
Whole Natural
Foods (WNF)
are Healthy
Your uncontrollable abnormal behavior:
Your body uses fat and sickness to normalize the
overdose of foods, anxiety and pleasure. You know the
right thing to do is to stop, yet you continue to the death
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition Page: 19
This section concerns:
Root Of The Mistaken Brain And The Cost To Society
The following chapters are included:
The ROOT Problem: Moralitys Mistake About Crime & Creativity
Slavery, Culture Or Lifestyle Can Damage Your Brain’s Front Lobes
Youth Maltreatment In Over 20 Years Of Psychological Oppression
Jamaicans & Jews Suffer Front Brain Damages by Poverty & Slavery
Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity - Desktop Edition Page: 20
The ROOT Problem: Morality‟s Mistake About Crime & Creativity
Is it morally wrong to mistakenly punish someone for not performing due to a physical disability or defective hardware, such as a
damaged brain due to lifestyle practices? Colonial rote based lifestyles and foods demote and damage the front lobes of the brain.
A healthy human brain is critical for people to participate in the world orchestrated by the ideologies of government, religion and business. How often do we make
poor decisions or jump off the cliff expecting the world to react contrary to how it has been designed to work? Crazy? Instead of defective or wrong assumptions and
beliefs, let us embrace investigation and research to unearth the world’s design principles. Children unknowingly misbehave, but to avoid penalty they are forced
and trained (early) to retroactively invent/give arbitrary reasons" of apologies to parents faultily thinking that mischief is driven by evil, unruly and poor thoughts.
Refer to: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC 2011), USA http://www.cdc.gov/cdcgrandrounds/pdf/grchld-malfinal16jun2011.pdf page 15 of 58
Social and Emotional Development in Infancy and Early Childhood: edited by Janette B. Benson, Marshall M. Haith (2010) https://books.google.com.jm/books?isbn=0123785758
Can you compare these PET brain scans of two children?
An Abused Brain
The lifestyle practices of this
institutionalized Romanian
Orphan shows the effect
of extreme deprivation in
infancy. The temporal lobes
(encircled) which regulate
emotions and receive inputs
from the senses are nearly
dormant. This results in
emotional and cognitive
problems which require
early special education to
address the neural or brain
disability. The brain may
auto-repair itself via proper
nutrition and stimulation.
“Are these youths the
Criminals unknowingly
engineered by society?