The Dead Bones Of Colonial Genocide

Is Jamaica enslaved by the Dead Bones of Colonial Genocide?
Who pays reparation when the blind are leading the blind as victims and villains of colonial genocide murdering over 24,000 ‘fellow Jamaicans’ within 20 years up to 2015? Yes, Jamaica has more churches, police, schools, businesses, doctors, lawyers, professionals, homes, cars and money; yet crime, disease and poverty escalate. Have we been blindfolded to look for solutions in the wrong places repeatedly for decades?

History records Colonial Masters giving slaves the Bible as a ‘soother’ substitute, to replace the slaves’ natural God given response of revolting against brutality. “Slaves, obey your earthly masters … as you would obey Christ.” –Ephesians 6:5. Hence, many accepted the brutality of slavery and faithfully awaited death to go to Heaven, while Colonial Masters thrived and made money through brutality and genocidal maltreatments.

Yes, uneducated slaves were forced and tricked to live alienated and contrary to how God designed reality to work. Hence, they falsely relied on misunderstood Biblical words, beliefs and superstitions shaping a colonial culture generating neuro-psychological traumas. Unable to learn from the God sent feedback of failed experiments, many Jamaicans are still faithfully trying to ‘speak things into being’ instead of developing globally creative and productive skills.

Likewise, instead of providing holistic nutritional support, are the church, business, police and politics being used as colonial substitutes to soothe, bandage, flog and imprison people when their God given bodies naturally revolt into ‘trauma and socio-economic destruction’? Yes, in order for government, religious and business leaders of the colonial inheritance to culturally thrive and make money unknowingly like vultures from The Dead Bones Of Colonial Genocide? That is, by prolonging the perils of fears, failures, poverty, disease, crime, anti-societal behaviors and destructive lifestyles which are often 90% due to the lack of nutrition, fitness and creativity training?

Example: Can we learn from the many failures of colonially using the police and church to fearfully detain and soothe psychologically immature school children or adults because their God given bodies naturally revolt into trauma, hormonal imbalance and gangster lifestyles? Instead, use God given neuro-friendly nutritious foods (brain food), fitness exercises, game playing and psycho-therapy which naturally empower their intellect, motor skills and spirituality to resolve traumas and make noteworthy contributions to humanity.

Are leaders trying to be original, creative and innovative with colonial inheritance? Is leadership the head slave's certificate of freedom? Are leaders trying to give people freedom in a colonial system designed for slavery? Impossible! Are institutions like the church, business, education, law and politics colonially given ‘basket to carry water’? Are leaders themselves victims of colonial rote-learning and lack intellect to recognize and diversify based on the feedback from decades of failures? This explains why we are relentlessly using outdated colonial tools unintentionally like robots in a modern world to mistakenly produce genocide murdering 1200 yearly of our own 'fellow citizens' for over 20 years.

It is time to wake up! I am only a messenger, not worthy to be colonially crucified since Jesus owns that copyright. Time to bury The Dead Bones Of Colonial Genocide! Here are some Non-Colonial Approaches: Criminals and lazy people are not enemies; instead of colonial flogging, they require ‘intervention’ to resolve their neuro-psychological challenges. Humans are imperfectly perfect, so instead of colonial psychological traumas, all individuals need psycho-therapy training, to effectively provide team accountability support for each other. Instead of decades of colonial institutional failures, utilize ‘intellectual creativity’ to resolve crime and low productivity, as exemplified by other countries.

Yes, use the 90% God given hope of holistic biological wellness to unleash the magnificence in our humanity and make Jamaica a first class place to live, raise families and do business now, by the goals of Vision 2030. Wow!

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