Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity

Deliberately Engineering A Legacy And Future Of Globally Successful People Beyond Vision 2030.

Happy Greetings to all our visitors, clients, partners, friends, well-wishers and families! We welcome your love, wisdom and participation to develop KRYS Creativity Learning Support Centers for Jamaicans with emphasis on nutrition, fitness, psychotherapy and creativity training. Instead of colonial/blind hope, let us establish concrete ways to support Jamaican youths innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity.

Curing Crime, Making Money via Self-Directed Jamaican Youths may seem impossible after over 25 years of failures via the Colonial Systems resulting in 20% success. However, via Intellectual Creativity with 80% success, Denmark and Singapore have achieved these goals. Our philanthropic efforts have spent over 5 years researching and documenting concrete measures to create world class Jamaican innovators as per the goals of Vision 2030.

Failure to maximize human potential and produce to meet global standards, Jamaica has resorted to selling state assets, borrowing and reeling money from remittances and lottery to finance consumption, imports and corruption; instead of exporting and making innovative contributions to humanity. Jamaicans are 90% culturally constricted to poverty, neuro-destructive lifestyles, low productivity, remittances, lottery, scamming and crime among other things. Yes, Jamaicans are being crucified for no real ideological purpose! Is this not worse than genocide?

Instead of providing holistic nutritional support, are the church, business, police and politics being used as colonial substitutes to soothe, bandage, flog and imprison people when their God given bodies naturally revolt into ‘trauma and socio-economic destruction’? Yes, in order for colonially cultured leaders to unknowingly thrive and make money like vultures from The Dead Bones Of Colonial Genocide? That is, by prolonging the perils of fears, failures, poverty, disease, crime, anti-societal behaviors and destructive lifestyles which are often 90% due to the lack of nutrition, fitness and creativity training? Read more ... via the Table of Contents below.

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Thank you for participating in the relentless drive for human progress and creativity.
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Table of Contents (link to PDF version | Mobile version)

  • Lobbying Stakeholders For Human Progress And Creativity

  • Factors Leading To The Root Problem Of Brain Damage

  • Root Of The Mistaken Brain And The Cost To Society

  • Neuro-Psychological Disability And Mainstream Exclusion
  • Path To Neural, Psychological And Spiritual Wellness

  • Securing Endless Success Via Creativity Learning

  • Advocacy, Awareness, Funding And Implementation

  • APPENDIX Showcasing Tools To Bolster Creativity Learning