Deposits & Fixed Income Management

The KRY$ Fixed Income Module is an essential business tool used to effectively adopt, integrate and manage complex day-to-day transactions. The software provides decision-making support, which is required to ensure a competitive advantage in the global market.

The following is a list of some features and functions of the KRY$ Fixed Income module:

(refer to Fixed Income System Overview for more information | Can't view the document? Download Acrobat Reader)

  • Diary and Message Management
  • Asset & Liability Linked Investment Tracking
  • Automatic Investment Allocation or Matching
  • Customer, Account & Address Maintenance
  • Extensive On-line Query Facilities
  • Automatic Activity Audit Trail
  • Multi-Currency Transaction Options
  • Automatic and On-line General Ledger Updates
  • Automatic G/L & Investment Reversal
  • Limits and Budgets controls
  • Reconciliation - Bank vs. KRYS G/L
  • G/L, Value, Transaction & Holiday Date Controls
  • Cheques, Receipts, Certificates, Contract Printing
  • Letters & Document Printing
  • Detail & Summary Customer Statements
  • Accruals, Receivables and Payables Reports
  • Investment, Portfolio & Cost of Funds Reports
  • Cash, Tax, General Ledger, Trial Balance Reports
  • Customized Detail & Summary Reports
  • Bond Pricing, Trading reports
  • Lien Management & Reports
  • Marketing Reports - Labels, Balance Listing & Client Listing
  • Percentage Holding, Aged Allocation & Liquidity Management Reports
  • Exception Reports - Rate, Maturity Listing, etc.
  • Interest, Tax, Maturity, Amortization Calculations
  • Tax Exemption Facilities
  • Fees, Penalties, Rebate, Statutory Computations
  • Stock Bonus, Splits, Dividends Computations
  • Computations in terms of Percentage, Rate & Amount
  • User, Menu, File, Record, Field Security
  • Integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel and other applications
  • Automated End of Day system Maintenance
  • Calculator & Calendar assisted data entry
  • Data Archiving Facility
  • Un-attended End of Day process execution