KRYS Business MorphIT

Application Cloning and Business Lifecycle Morphing

E-Collaboration . Product Assembly . Service Delivery . Corporate Governance

KRYS MorphIT - Adopt. Integrate. Manage

  • KRYS has been tried, tested and proven mission-critical to several organizations since 1994.
  • KRYS is an essential business tool for managing complex day-to-day transaction activities.
  • KRYS combines business process, workflow, project management and accounting functions.
  • KRYS enables application functionalities such as payroll, ledgers, trading, CRM and ERP.
  • KRYS correlates management and financial analytics to aid decision making and governance.
  • KRYS manages Government, Financial, Manufacturing, Trading and Service organizations.

  • Krys Solutions:
    1. BOND PRICING CHALLENGES - promoting a solution


    KRYS Value Proposition to your organization includes

  • Automation of cheques/checks, receipts, contracts, invoices and transaction documents.
  • Calculation of prices, fees, commissions, taxes, interests and investment values.
  • Tracking of customer messages, orders, amendments, liens and standing orders.
  • Managing multiple companies, multiple currencies, cashbooks and sub/general ledgers.
  • Real-time generation of customized reports - risk, trading, management, financial, audit.

  • What differentiates KRYS from other business software?

  • KRYS provides business functionalities across departments and industries.
  • KRYS configures to adopt your new business processes, rules and regulations.
  • KRYS saves money and time used to acquire or patch other business software.
  • KRYS integrates with your business lifecycle and information technology systems.

  • Videos: 1. World Business Review   2. Product Overview

    Entangled by the Static IT crisis?

  • Driving your business on Static IT wheels (inflexible IT systems)?
  • Continuously patching and painfully replacing systems to meet new requirements?
  • Are spreadsheets insecure fixes for changes in customer and regulatory demands?
  • Challenged with work transparency, audit controls and corporate governance?

  • Emancipate with the MorphIT evolution

  • Evolve and grow your business with KRYS MorphIT evolvable IT solutions.
  • Configure KRYS to adopt and integrate the changes in your business lifecycle.
  • Progressively clone business functionalities and integrate legacy systems.
  • Track employee workflows and customer collaborations to support governance.

  • Krys Documents:

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    5. Background and Market Outlook
    6. Research and Development