Product Overview

KRY$ Financial Software is an essential business tool used to effectively manage complex day-to-day transactions. The software provides decision-making support, which is required to ensure a competitive advantage in the global market.

KRY$ can be customised and configured to monitor activities relating to Financial Institutions, Manufacturing, Trading, and Service Organisations. Customisation includes the development of appropriate end-user interfaces (screens) and reports.

KRY$ affords the effective management of investment portfolios, mutual funds, pension funds, real estate funds, trust funds, saving-accounts, fixed-deposits, stocks, bonds, and retail (point-of-sale) products. The software is also an excellent tool for maintaining general ledger accounting records and financial reporting.

KRY$ design philosophy projects the software as a virtual transaction machine that propagates cohesive multi-purpose business applications. However, there is an option for modular customisation, suited for a specific business operation.


  • Pension Fund
  • Mutual Fund, Real Estate, Unit Trust & Equity Trading
  • Fixed Deposits, Bond Trading & Fixed Income
  • Portfolio Management (Equity & Bonds)
  • Mortgages, Loans & Leases
  • Foreign Currency Trading
  • Fixed Assets
  • Security Vault Management
  • IN-BUILT SYSTEM MODULES (Always Included)

  • On-Line General Ledger (Trial Balance, Financials)
  • Delinquent Accounts (Receivables, Payables)
  • Cash Book (Cheques, Receipts, Reconciliation)

  • Your organisation is constantly faced with strategic business decisions because of diversification, globalisation and change. Easily tailor your information systems to meet new Management, Regulatory & Customer challenges.

    KRYS Features Chart

    The Kry$-Websydian Business Solutions provides the flexibility to achieve your goals:

  • Effective management of Accounting, Treasury, Securities, Customer and Counter-party Trading activities
  • Features Secured Web-based Transactions and XML Web Services
  • Manages your Operational Model, Workflow and Transaction Security
  • Enables Standard and Web-based Queries & Reporting for customers, regulators, managers and stakeholders
  • Employs Rules, Patterns and Object-Based Platforms for business Scalability
  • Features Secured Online Document Imaging and Management

  • Improve your business capabilities: become proactive and predictive.

    KRYS Solutions