KRYS Creativity Learning Game Plan

KRYS Creativity Learning Game Plan
Vision: Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity
Jamaica’s inherited Colonial systems of Government, Religion and Business are designed to pursue monetary gain by exploiting ‘muscular’ labor and neglect neuro-psychological wellness as a requirement for societal participation. However, instead of flogging and punishing colonial slaves to do ‘muscular’ work; the global economy requires people to do creative ‘intellectual’ work while machines do muscular work. Transforming Jamaica now is critical to realizing its Vision 2030 goals of becoming a first world place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business.

80% of Jamaican youths fall out of school without eligibility for tertiary education as required by the global economy. Instead of promoting wellbeing-ness, intellectual creativity and transparency, Jamaica’s Colonial culture thrives on ‘ignorance’ and 'rote-learning' which inadvertently promotes the escalation of neuro-psychological traumas, diseases, corruption, crimes and low productivity. This restricts the human brain to ‘survival mode’, busy repairing escalating damages to maintain its survival. As a result, Jamaicans are vulnerable and traumatized through embracing ‘unrealistic’ self-centered individualistic lifestyles and are frequently on the hunt in survival mode even when there is no survival situation. Yes, frequently quarreling and fighting to the death over psychologically trivial matters.

To transform Jamaica’s social decay will require periodically assessing and addressing its people’s physical, survival and psychological deficiencies, e.g. through team accountability support systems. People need to become ‘self-directed learners’ having the ability to effectively live, adapt and innovate in consistency with how God designed reality to work; otherwise our society is a facade. We implore you to become a participant in our vision: “Jamaican Youths Innovating at the frontier of Liberty, Choice and Creativity”.

1. Problem of the Mistaken Brain: Healthy versus Abused/Enslaved

   a) The Healthy Brain of innovators versus the Abused or Enslaved Brain of the so-called criminals
   b) 87% of Jamaican children aged 2 to 14 years experience at least one violent discipline
   c) Parents flogging children for disobedience to ‘words’ which may be due to health challenges
   d) Parents ignoring health challenges often escalates untreated diseases and brain disabilities
   e) Children develop unresolved neuro-psychological traumas which result in destructive lifestyles
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2. Over-Reliance on Words: as tools of Learning and Governance

   a) The Bible (Genesis 2) shows that Adam and Eve were perfectly designed with freedom to obey and disobey God’s
       Words. While words can show possible directions, they are not designed to biologically change learning and behavior. No
       need to punish people for disobeying words
   b) Leaders of the Colonial inheritance are traumatically using ‘words’, laws, punishment and hell as the primary tools to
       lead the masses
   c) People are socialized to believe they primarily learn by words and via a king, leader or dictator
   d) The Learning Pyramid shows that ‘words’ are ineffective and achieve 0%-5% learning
   e) 95% learning is achieved when project based teams participate in problem-solving
   f)  Hence, people can ‘learn words’ but the human brain cannot effectively ‘learn by words’
   g) E.g. reading ‘how to ride a bicycle’ will not make you ride a bicycle. Try practicing to ride!
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3. Food’s unseen 90% Impact on Learning and Behavior

   a) The unseen 90% impact of food (the Forbidden Fruit) transformed the learning and behavior of Adam and Eve
   b) Human behavior is driven by 10% intellect and 90% feelings which is primarily sustained by food
   c) The brain is made of flesh which can be developed or disintegrated by the chemicals in food
   d) Improper food often triggers health issues to result in an abused brain, locked in survival mode
   e) To survive, the abused/unhealthy brain is entrapped fixing biological damages associated with its escalating bad habits,
       while using feelings of fear to block out-of-the-box solutions or learning
   f) Neuro-friendly nutritious food motivates the brain to participate in fitness and gaming activities which are critical to
       biologically enforce learning via neuro-plasticity
   g) God given biological wellness is 90% concrete hope while ‘words’ represents 95% blind hope
   h) Has fast food or junk food hijacked the brain development of millions of people?
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4. Brain-Friendly Nutritious Food and Holistic Governance

   a) Aim for ‘flexible’ neurons and adaptive brain biology by eating more of your nutrients from Whole Natural Foods and
       Plant-based sources and less from artificial and animal sources
   b) Neuro-psychological challenges are often mistreated via hearsays or rumors which do not form legal evidence under our
       colonial system and constitution
   c) However, people are imperfectly perfect, so instead of colonial psychological traumas, people need psycho-therapy
       training, to effectively provide team accountability support for each other
   d) Promote holistic wellbeing-ness and preventively check, register and fix brain disabilities
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5. Transforming to Self-Directed Learners and Innovators

   a) In the Bible (1 Samuel 8), God recommended to the Israelites not to use the governance of a King, leader or dictator as
       judge as this represents a rejection of God Himself as ruler. Now the blind (fallible humans) are following and leading the
       blind (other fallible humans)
   b) This idea of a king eventually led the Israelites to being enslaved for over 400 years by the Egyptians’ Pharaoh or king.
   c) Without flogging, teaching, preaching and leading, the healthy brain is ‘self-directed’ and will automatically evolve to
       greatness by learning the signs, puzzles, hints, cues and resolutions from challenges or the environment
   d) The traditions of flogging, teaching, preaching and reading ‘words’ should be replaced by one where counselors and
       facilitators use ‘coaching’ to enable project-based teams to ‘practice’
   e) Example: Glen Mills coaches Usain Bolt to practice and develop his best athletic performance
   f) Government, religious and business leaders should promote a life-designed environment where people use research
       skills to live according to how life was designed to work (e.g. Brain Targeted Teaching Model)
   g) God designed humans with linear tools (e.g. research and logical reasoning) to estimate and maneuver the dynamic
       curves, circles and turns in reality.
   h) This requires a technique called ‘marching’ where humans periodically assess themselves and if necessary reboot,
       reinvent or invent corrective measures to keep pace and adapt with the changes in reality
   i)  Use intellectual creativity to boost productivity and resolve unsynchronized actions or motor skill challenges often
       labeled as crime
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6. Action Plan for Stakeholders and Participants of Transformation

   Organizations and People:
       Governmental, United Nations and development agencies, Creativity Learning, Service providers, Academic institutions,
       Private Sector, Communities, Churches and Clubs

   Summary of Actions:
   a) Compare local and global best practices, review and revise existing legislation and policies, build public awareness,
       advocacy and knowledge, implement data collection, allocate public funding, audit, identify and remove gaps and
       barriers, set learning standards and monitor and enforce compliance. Promote and capture volunteerism and societal

   b) Provide developmental aid, exchange information and coordinate actions, help to build learning capacity and strengthen
       policies, do research and publish statistics
   c) Promote mainstream inclusion; lobby stakeholders and decision makers; evaluate and monitor support services; Setup
       Creativity Learning Ombudsman for Neuro-psychological accountability support

   d) Provide quality customer, technical and administrative support; include target groups in the development process;
       provide case based service; advocate for client rights
   e) Provide equitable employment and accommodation; provide quality and affordable goods and services; ensure that
       policies and procedures promote accessibility by target groups
   f) Challenge and improve beliefs and attitudes of members, customers and stakeholders; provide security against violence
       and discrimination. Train members to apply the Learner-Centered Psychological Principles
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