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Jamaicans have yet again rejected the ‘actions’ of Government, and yet again select the ‘proposal’ of Democracy to put people first by empowering them to take charge of their own money, family, community and country. Can Government trust its members? Can people trust the Government? Do People want the Government to ‘act’ for them, or do they want to be ‘enabled’ to act for themselves and adapt to changes? The answers are best achieved by looking at how people are ‘designed to evolve’, instead of merely what they ‘say in the moment’.

The idea of Democracy is not new, so the big question is: How to successfully implement Democracy? Have we been ‘repeatedly’ (election after election) looking in the wrong places for solutions? The problem is: Can your brain (or senses) effectively look outside-the-box of its situation, culture, location, training, feelings and fears without ‘sharing with people of other cultures’? No, the beauty of research skills!

Example: How can you repeatedly think that the common denominator for the success of Singapore, Denmark/Scandinavia, USA, UK among other countries be the type of politics, religion or business when they are all different and evolving? The answer is: What does each individual use to evolve?

CHAPTER 1: Modern Head Slaves Guarding Jamaica’s Slave Democracy
Jamaica’s colonial inheritance has entrenched a culture of mental slavery throughout our institutions of government, religion and business which makes it impossible for people to enjoy the ‘true democracy’ of Government of the People, by the People, for the People. Democracy essentially means: by God’s design of ‘wellbeing-ness’, people are naturally empowered via their brains as autonomous ‘self-directed’ human beings to use mutual respect, empathy and intelligence to collectively ‘facilitate’ their own development as naturally empowered human beings. The practices of fearfully telling, commanding and dictating should be replaced by prompting, questioning, facilitating, counseling to gain consensus. The idea of a ‘society’ is an abstract concept; hence each individual should function/work as a democratic ‘shepherd’ for others, in order to make Democracy real.

Democracy contradicts the essence of colonial design which considers human beings as brainless slaves, to be ‘owner-directed’ like animals of work for their masters. Yes, brainless Jamaicans are ‘owner-directed’ through the dictatorship of government acting as the robotic head slave for their intelligent colonial masters, thus emulating a faked Democracy of Slaves, by Slaves, for Slaves. This destroys the very core of true democracy as self-directed people are not facilitated to 1.) garner neuro-friendly 'wellbeing-ness', 2.) practice as a team to express their full human potential, and 3.) garner neural feedback by benefiting from the fruits of their collective efforts.

There is no machine more powerful than the human brain to solve its own problems by comparing its internal needs with the patterns of the environment. When the human brain is abused, unhealthy or disabled in various parts it cannot achieve its full potential and requires external intervention, not flogging. The inherited colonial institutions of government, religion and business have grossly misrepresented the human brain due to lack of research and technology.

The challenge: Governments, regardless of political party or affiliation, have been using the colonially inherited institutions to mentally enslave generations of Jamaicans, falsely in the name of Democracy. For example, the colonial culture still fashions everyday life to the point where media advertisements are mainly angled towards:

1.) ‘Consumption without creative work’ in the form of lottery, remittances, loans, divine intervention, astrology and speaking things into being. The colonial inheritance of ignorance, poverty and low self-esteem has forced people to resort to handouts, borrowing, begging and crime to get basic consumables and skin-bleaching cream to survive. Annually 80% of Jamaican youths fall out of school without tertiary eligibility. This represents a significant lack of globally competitive skills, which cannot magically foster an environment of creativity and innovation.

2.) ‘Muscle foods’ which were historically given to slaves to increase their output of manual labor on plantations. Example: high sugar based energy drinks. However, instead of manual labor, the global economy now requires people to do ‘intellectual’ work while machines do muscular work. Also, while the culture encourages people to over consume sugar based foods, the human biology’s self-directed systems use brain illnesses to show discontent (e.g. obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancer, hormonal imbalance, etc.).

3.) ‘Sex foods’ which were given to male slaves to irresponsibly or wildly impregnate females in order to cost-effectively increase the count of slaves on plantations. Example: strong back stallion drinks. Today, it is socially accepted for a man to have several ladies and a lady to have several men. This shapes our colonial culture of broken and single parent families.

Even more alarming challenges:
4.) Slaves were mandated and tricked to remain ignorant or brainless; hence there is currently little or no advertisement about biological ‘brain food’ or brain development. Yet there is an increase of brain disease or illness among children and young people. Special Needs professionals and the World Health Organization say that the 20% to 30% of Jamaicans with disabilities are increasingly young people suffering brain illnesses compared to elderly people in developed countries suffering from physical illnesses.

5.) Having realized that education is critical, Jamaicans should move to educate and eradicate ignorance. However, this is not feasible due to the lack of ‘brain food’ and the increasing cases of brain illness among youths. Yes, people require biological hardware to absorb education, or worse to be creative and innovative. Jamaica’s education system is merely ‘rote-learning’ used to gain social mobility instead of intellectual creativity. Even if government creates many jobs; increasingly Jamaicans will not be able to perform at the global standard of intellectual creativity. Example: even after 15 years, there is no team of young Jamaicans competent and entrusted with the expertise to replicate the Chinese in building our highways.

6.) Colonial institutions are dictators, lacking feedback: Neurologically, the human brain requires and uses feedback to auto-evolve and make improvements to dissatisfactory environments. Hence human systems require accountability and performance ‘feedback’ for people’s brains to know when a system requires revision or retirement. This will allow the human brain to innovate to meet the demands of changes in reality. Example: a feedback ‘Fix It’ or ‘No Confidence’ Vote will indicate to politicians’ brains that Electoral Voting needs revision or retirement, and a task force be setup to find/invent a remedy to meet the needs of people. Otherwise, democratic people or stakeholders are being punished or disenfranchised for not selecting an ineffective Electoral system or process. The systems need to serve the people, not the converse.

7.) Jamaicans have realized that the colonial culture of governance is not working, as expressed by the trend of voting ‘one term governments’. However, the colonial institutions have been designed to use brutality, flogging and corporal punishment to deter people from arriving at the feasible solution which is to reject and transform the same colonial system of governance. This results in a high level of psychologically traumatized people in society, since their brains are naturally wired to move towards greatness while their colonial institutions flog them to fail at doing otherwise. Example: consider the thousands of Jamaicans who have used home grown Ganja to improve their personal and family health; yet they have been imprisoned, flogged and brutalized by colonial institutions of government, religion and business to remain sick in poverty.

8.) There is little or no neuro-psychological council or institution advocating and stabilizing the mind of persons who have undergone surgery, maternal delivery, accidents, emotional and social traumas due to the colonial culture of fear and helplessness. “Why be concerned with the human brain, especially when the system is designed for brainless slaves to do muscular labor?”

The way forward: Institutions of government, religion and business should embrace and empower the neuro-psychological wellness of the Jamaican population, for people to become truly democratic self-directed human beings and effectively play their role of making noteworthy contributions to humanity and the global economy.

CHAPTER 2: Can Food (versus Law) Transform Enslaved Behavior to Democracy?
It is high time to transform Jamaica from ‘colonial governance’ to ‘creativity governance’. The role of Governance is to influence human behavior towards flexibility, creativity and diversity in order to develop and maintain successful relationships, families, communities and societies. Contrary to our inherited colonial culture or socialization, spoken/written ‘words’ of wishes, goals, policies or laws cannot effectively influence behavior except when combined with fear or brutal punishment, as exemplified by the brutality of flogging children or slaves to obey words/rules, fear of police as law enforcers and eternal punishment in hell to obey Biblical commandments. Even so, Jamaica’s crime rate escalates; especially since training a brutalized, abused, fearful, enslaved or unhealthy brain to behave is like trying to train a drunken or delusional person. However, research shows that behavior is 90% influenced by the ‘wellbeing-ness’ of individuals working and sharing as a team to resolve problems, as promoted by creativity governance.

Why? We need to influence behavior to enable people to adapt and resolve challenges arising from the persistent changes in Reality; otherwise relationships, families, communities and societies will self destruct. Contrary to traditional belief, the ability to effectively ‘self-direct’ behavior within society or a relationship is 10% a function of words/laws and 90% a function of health/wellness. This frames the modern dilemma of social injustice, which has fueled international governments to invest billions of dollars on global projects researching the behavioral dynamics of the healthy vs. abused/unhealthy human brain.

What is Behavior? Behavior comprises thinking but more so coordinating motor skills or actions towards improving society within the ecosystem of life. While thinking may lead to acting, research shows that 90% of the time people act (subconsciously) without thinking, but to justify cultural demands they retroactively assign possible reasons for acting in order to emulate ‘thinking before acting’. The reasons which people assign to acting are often based on cultural norms without consideration for being logical. Example: one of the Courts’ goals is to logically sanitize people’s reasons for acting, although the process is also retroactive.

The Dilemma with Morality and Justice: Unfortunately, government, religion and business are cultured to falsely believe that 90% of people’s actions are driven by thinking, i.e. using spoken and written ‘words’ to set intentions, goals, proclamations, guidelines and laws. For centuries the use of this system of governance has repeatedly failed to effectively regulate human behavior. However, neuroscience research along with the Learning Pyramid explains that this system of governance functions contrary to the works of human biology and reality. That is, ‘words’ do not effectively create human learning in order to biologically enforce behavior, except with fear and punishment which damage the brain. Politicians have often tried to re-package and re-label this system of governance as socialism, capitalism, communism, etc. without realizing they are founded on the same defective system of over relying on ‘words’.

People in Deadlock by Words and Punishment: To repeatedly live contrary to how reality works represents a psychological malfunction and may also be classified as ignorance and rote-learning, meaning lacking the flexibility to adapt and evolve. That is, people often realize that ‘words’ are not livable; however their colonial institutions command and punish them to persistently fail at attempting otherwise. This is no fault of anyone, but a matter of colonial socialization, which can be changed or reengineered. Research shows that regardless of the labels (i.e. socialism, capitalism or communism) given to this system of governance, when humans are healthy their relationships result in a successful society and subsequently give rise to mixed or hybrid forms of governance, short of finding a culturally suitable label. This is exemplified by Denmark’s democratic socialism, Singapore’s authoritarian democracy, and the conservative capitalism of the USA and UK. The unseen and untapped role of health/wellness still represents a major deadlock destroying the valiant efforts of several relationships, families, communities and societies unknowingly working very hard in delusion.

When God’s 90% Biology Overules Society: If 90% of the time people act (subconsciously) without thinking, then their actions are driven by feelings or emotions and not by the ‘words’ of economics, religion or laws. Feelings biologically relate to health and wellbeing which are highly affected by neuro-friendly nutritious food, fitness and creativity training. Without proper health, feelings effectively go into rear-brain survival mode: always fixing health damages due to its own destructive habits, using fear to unknowingly block creativity learning and using punishment to hunt/secure pleasure. Yes, even when there is no survival situation in society, feelings are psychologically traumatized in survival mode, increasingly destroying the social relationships with others. In this situation, a person’s behavior and best intentions are primarily self-centered. However, with neuro-friendly health, the front-brain is activated to filter or rationalize decisions and behavior towards sharing with others to benefit society. In this situation, self-centeredness is demoted and a person’s behavior is socially and empathetically driven.

Getting God’s 90% Biology to Support Society: Instead of the over-reliance on ‘words’, Governance should regulate the environment or society to use neuro-friendly health and wellbeing-ness as biological tools to promote creativity, innovation and socio-economic development. The healthy brain is self-directed and will automatically evolve to greatness by learning the signs, puzzles, hints, cues and resolutions of challenges. The counter productive practices of ‘flogging’ the unhealthy/abused brain to learn through teaching, preaching and reading words should be replaced by one where facilitators use coaching to enable people to use ‘wellbeing-ness’ and ‘research skills’ to creatively learn, adapt and develop themselves. Finally, to enable thinking to drive actions, the healthy brain requires 20% planning and 80% practicing, similar to how a baby plans and practices to learn to walk. Yes, biological wellness is 90% God given hope!

The above information provides a holistic governance framework to guide the roles, plans, ideologies and functioning of government, religion and business. That is, as these institutions regulate people’s behavior to support relationships, families, communities and societies evolving in the ecosystem of life.

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