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Kry$ Financial Software launches Headquarters in Denmark

Left-to-right: Mikkel Schnack -Director of Marketing and Channels, WEBSYDIAN A/S of Denmark; Chris Green -President, KRYS FINANCIAL SOFTWARE; and Chris McNair -Manager of Investment Promotions, JAMPRO

KRYS Launch

(SPEAKERS -front, right-to-left: Hon. Maurice Facey, O.J., J.P. -Chairman, PAN JAMAICAN GROUP; Hon. Delano Franklyn -Minister of State, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND FOREIGN TRADE. OTHERS : Client Representatives, Supporters and Representatives from the Media)

The Krys-Websydian partnership had a successful soft-launch in Jamaica on January 20, 2006 . Thanks to all our participants and well-wishers, (see pictures below). This union heralds over 30 years of experience and affords us Global representation with respect to the Development and Distribution of our Software. Our strategy for Global participation has facilitated the launching of the Krys Financial Software Headquarters in Denmark in the third quarter of 2006.
The office in Jamaica will remain as a subsidiary to service our local clients. This has also facilitated access to critical resources from countries including Denmark, USA, and UK. The success of this partnership venture is due largely to the input and support of JAMPRO, the Government of Denmark, our partners at Websydian A/S and our local clientele.

New Developments

  • The Kernel and Presentation layer of the new release of the Krys-Websydian Web-based Wealth Management Solution has been completed. Development of the Business Rules layer is currently in progress. The software is scheduled for completion during the last quarter of 2006.
  • A beta release of the Krys-Websydian software will be available by September 2006, via a web-link from our developers in Denmark. This is intended to solicit your interest, input and feedback.
  • Your feedback, where appropriate, will be included in the final product scheduled for a pilot release in first quarter of 2007.
  • Websydian has been an IBM Business Partner for over 20 years. On several occasions IBM has pointed out the high quality of the Websydian products and considers them to be "ideal for high security e-Business application at financial institutions". See further details at the following link on IBM's Website: Click here
  • In 2006 Websydian was selected as a System i5 Security and Compliance Tool by IBM and will be pre-loaded onto every new System i5. They were awarded the following certificates: IBM System i5 Security & Compliance Proven, IBM Server Proven and IBM Express Portfolio Proven.