2016 Brain Day Symposium Summary

Congratulations! With over 200 patrons in attendance, our 2016 World Brain Day Symposium, entitled: Brain Health Drives Wealth, highlighted the need for Jamaicans to have ready access to Neurology, Nutrition and Psychotherapy professionals. Krys Global now seeks volunteers to help create over 10,000 jobs in these sectors. Securing the physical health, energy utilization, mindset culture and creativity learning capacity of the brain are critical factors to globally innovate wealth.

Thank you for your continued support! Invite others to participate. If you (or anyone else) are interested to volunteer, sponsor or invest in this social venture, please complete the survey in the link below:

Currently, we need assistance in Organizational Planning, Law, Accounting, Budgeting, Desktop Publishing, Website Development and Project Management. Volunteers can work from home via internet at a stipend of J$ 500/day until we finalize Social Sponsors and Investors.

A panel of great Speakers enlightened and illuminated the Symposium at the Pegasus on 22-Jul-2016:
Dr. Reid (UWI Hospital, Tropical Metabolism Research): an interesting and scientific perspective on the critical role of nutrition and brain health
Dr. K'nIfe (UWI MSB, Social Entrepreneurship): the healing power, affordability and accessibility of natural & whole-food healthy lifestyles, as exemplified by Rastafarians
Pastor Hosin (Seventh Day Adventist Church, Health Ministries), led devotion and underscored the spiritual connection between brain health and religion
Dr. Leiba-Thomas (Ministry of Health, Mental Health), highlighted the critical programs used to address the mental health of children and adults across Jamaica
Dr. Haynes-Robinson (UWI Hospital, Neuro-Psychology): revealed the importance and applications of neuro-psychology to improve mental health and wellbeingness
Mr. Hines (Dispute Resolution Centre): effectively discussed the modes of resolving conflicts, especially for today's youth
Ms. Simpson (UTECH, Nutrition and Dietetics): demonstrated that simple exercises energize the brain and nutrition involves categorizing foods we eat
Mr. Green (Krys Global Research): presented the neuroscience of replacing punishment to learn & innovate via brain-friendly laws and lifestyles

Exhibitors showcased tasty Product samples and essential Services:
Jamaica Producers (JP Farms) served their tantalizing fresh brain food (bananas & pineapple) to patrons
E.G. Wellness Brands served scrumptious porridge along with other product samples
The Seventh Day Adventist Church and the IADPA Bookstore provided great literature on family and brain health
Dispute Resolution Centre provided brochures on ways and available centers to resolve conflicts
Jamaica Association of Professionals in Nutrition and Dietetics -food pyramid & meal calendar
Ministry of Health provided their program information about mental healthcare
Child Development Agency (CDA) provided their Smiles Mobile Unit for counseling services
Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center provided physiologists to support fitness and exercise
Yowaz Graphix showcased game playing with their innovative six-sided Ludo board
Clive Campbell, Laminine distributor, showcased products to recover brain health for stroke patients