Action Plan for Stakeholders and Participants of Transformation

Neuro Behavior

Recommendations and Action Plan for Stakeholders

1)    Recognize that Jamaica's Education System colonially tells or lectures people by "words and punishments", which blocks adaptive learning, enforces ignorance or rote learning, and generates neuro-psychological traumas.

2)    Promote "brain food, fitness and training" as a 90% effective way to modify behavior towards greatness

3)    Promote 90% learning through "teams sharing and practicing" to solve problems

4)    Remove ‘Behavior Punishment’ from ‘Word’ based education, institutions, relationships and goals

5)    Encourage awareness of this research, especially on social media, among teams sharing and practicing to resolve problems

6)    Comparative to the English Language course advocating the effective use of Words, lobby for a course in Best Team Practice for 90% learning

7)    Promote the proposed Team based ‘Education’ with the Fun of Game Playing, instead of being a Colonial ‘Fear’ mandated for Survival; eradicate mental slavery

8)    Individuals require Dietary and Psycho-therapy Training to readily embrace each other’s differences and provide accountability support for each other

9)    Lobby for the use of a Neuro-Psychological or Brain Assessment in allocating resources to improve teaching and learning; people are often unaware of disabilities

10)    Pioneer the launch of Jamaica World Brain Month (July and on 22nd World Brain Day) campaign to highlight brain related challenges and solutions

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